At Means Baptist Church we believe the Gospel includes the entire story of Jesus. Jesus' story includes the Old Testament promises of a Messiah, the fulfillment of all the promises to Israel and the promises to bring salvation to all the Gentile nations. We believe that Jesus' birth, life, ministry, teachings, death, burial, resurrection, appearances, ascension, sending of the Holy Spirit, the great commission given to the church, and His promise to return and bring the eternal new creation; that all these are vital in telling His story. We believe that following Jesus involves genuine faith that results in total surrender to Him as Lord and joining together with His family, the Church, to carry out His mission of bringing His story to the whole world and making disciples of all nations. We would love to have you join us at Means Baptist Church as we seek to glorify God, tell the story of Jesus, and live out our faith by loving God supremely, and loving our neighbor. We begin worship Sunday at 10:33 as a reminder of Luke 10:33 and the parable of the Good Samaritan which reminds us of our mission to serve Jesus through loving others.  


Worship Sunday @ 10:33 am


Join us Sunday morning at 10:33 for worship! We have a youth group, children's church classes, and a staffed nursery. The only thing missing is YOU! Click the link below to access more information as well as our online sermon and worship media.          



We are located on Highway 460 between Jeffersonville and Frenchburg in Meniifee County, Kentucky. Click the link below for Google Maps Pin



We hold to the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message as a general summary of what we believe the Bible teaches. Click the link below to learn more.